Chimney Services

Chimney Services and Chimney Repair


At Barry John Chimney, we’re committed to providing chimney services you can rely on to keep your home and family safe and warm. From routine inspections and chimney cleaning to the odd occurrence of an animal trapped in the chimney, we’re here to help.

Chimney Inspections

Dirty or damaged chimneys can be a dangerous hazard to your home. Inspections are recommended for all new homeowners or chimneys that have not been serviced for an extended period of time.  An inspection by one of Barry John Chimney’s trained professional chimney technicians will ensure any performance or safety issues are identified before they become serious problems, and we’ll advise you on your options for repair. Inspections are provided at a low, affordable cost, which is then applied to the cost of any services, including cleanings, you may need.

Chimney Sweep

Getting your chimney cleaned is an affordable and important part of your home’s preventative maintenance. Chimney cleanings are recommended annually or every other year based on the yearly usage. Our cleaning process at Barry John Chimney Services is very efficient and clean; it involves use of specialized vacuums and brushes that get the chimney clean but keep your home nice and tidy.

Your chimney and fireplace or stove is designed to vent harmful substances like smoke and gases that result from burning fuels and to prevent smoke and carbon monoxide from entering your home. Over time, creosote and debris from those materials build up in your chimney. If not cleaned regularly, this build-up can result in dangerous blockages, potential chimney fires, carbon monoxide leakage, and overall inefficiency. Having your chimney flues cleaned can also improve draft which improves the efficiency of your heating system, which includes Oil, water and Gas furnaces. Call Barry John Chimney Services today to enjoy a safe and efficient chimney all year.

Animal Removal

From time to time, animals like rodents and birds can find their way into your chimney and either get trapped or make nests. We safely and humanely remove any animals or birds that have made a home in your chimney. In addition, to avoid future uninvited guests making a home in your chimney, the professionals at Barry John Chimney can recommend and install a stainless steel chimney cap to prevent future animal entry, and can also protect your chimney from harmful water leakage and damage.


Masonry Repairs (Repointing and Rebuilding)

The effects of rain, snow, and ice and temperature fluctuation along with the porous nature of the brick, mortar, and concrete all contribute to deterioration of the structural integrity of even the best-built chimney and chimney crowns.

The Cement Crown on top of your Chimney helps protects water from getting in between the flue and bricks. So, if you or one of our technicians notices chipping, flaking, cracking in brick, mortar or the cement crown, replacing or repointing may be required. Repointing which is the replacement of old mortar with new mortar between chimney bricks will help prevent water damage and protect your chimney liner systems.

Even the smallest cracks or flaking can lead to a more serious problem if not addressed early. The professionals at Barry john Chimney can assess any damage, provide a repair recommendation and expertly complete the recommended repair.

Flashing Repairs

If you notice dampness or water stains on your walls, ceilings or attic space, this may be a sign that your chimney flashing needs to be resealed or replaced. If upon an inspection, this is found to be the case, we can properly install new lead flashing or reseal at the base of the chimney where it meets the roofline.

Firebox Repair

A homeowner should not use a fireplace with any loose bricks, cracks, gaps, or deterioration of mortar in the firebox. Our professionals can repair this damage to ensure safe operations.

Chimney Dampers

The primary function of your chimney damper is to close the flue and seal the fireplace when it is not in use. A properly functioning damper will also ensure your heat stays in your home rather than exiting out your chimney, reducing your energy costs. Your Barry John Chimney technician can check your damper during inspection to make sure it is functioning properly.

Chimney Sweep

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