Chimney Liners & Caps

Chimney Liners & Caps

Chimney Relining

No homeowner should operate their chimney without a liner. New homeowners or owners of older homes should have their chimney and liner inspected prior to using.. Barry John Chimney can install a stainless steel chimney liner to replace a damaged liner.

A properly fitted and installed stainless steel chimney liner will allow your appliances to work more efficiently, reduce creosote residue buildup, and send harmful gases like carbon monoxide out of your home. The liner also protects the chimney walls from corrosion and heat damage, limiting fire risk. The liner is meant to contain any combustion and direct it out of your home. Call the professionals at Barry John Chimney to install a chimney liner to keep you home safe.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps prevent rain, ice and snow from entering your chimney. Chimney caps also prevent bats, birds, squirrels, and other animals from being able to enter and nest in your chimney. Caps also protect your roof from sparks escaping. A chimney cap is a low-cost protection for your chimney and your home. Let the professionals at Barry John Chimney install a stainless steel chimney cap that will protect your chimney from weather and uninvited guests.