Wood/Gas/Pellet Installation & Inserts

Wood/Gas/Pellet Installation


Wood, pellet, and gas stoves are a very popular option for homeowners.  Not only do they offer an additional, economical heating opportunity, they can enhance the cozy atmosphere to a room. 

You have your common stand alone stove that sits on a hearth or what is called a stove insert which fits inside a fireplace. Once you have chosen the perfect stove for your home it is important that you have a licensed chimney technician help you with the installation.   This is to ensure it is done properly and safely.

We here at Barry John Chimney Services are licensed and insured and we specialize in installing all kinds of wood, pellet, and gas stoves. It would be our pleasure to help you select or buy the right wood, pellet or gas stove for your home, helping you with selecting or buying the right one for your home and needs.